Monday, June 26, 2017

Finally, deep-dev until completion begins!

As a result, I will be away from most social media sites, however I'll still be active on Discord and Skype.

The game's initial release date of 7/7/17 may be delayed until 7/17/17, for once this delay is not entirely my fault! Had some hiccups in translation with one of my assistants who I was relying on for something vital, that's all been sorted, that aside I take a large sum of the blame for not working on the game while my assistant was at work, that's on me.

If I miss the 7/7 release date, it's for reasons that are that the game isn't yet ready for public review, I'd rather be a week or so late than deliver something subpar to my frankly unfair-amounts-of-high standards of quality. My standard for quality is infact so high that I just confiscated it's bong. It'll also give me some time to market it, and some of my employees who are lagging behind time to get whatever remains of their work done. Which isn't much, everyone is pretty much ahead of schedule, except for me, but give me a few days and that will quickly change. It's amazing what I can get done when I get into deep-dev mode.

If I release a trailer on 7/7 or 9/7, it'll likely be by then I've decided that I'll be releasing on the 17th, 9/7 is likely to be the case if so, so I have a twelve day marketing phase much like I did for menagerie way back when.

But it's happening, after what seems like forever this game will finally emerge out from development hell. I'm looking forward to showing you what me and my collective have been slaving away on and will continue to over the next week or so!

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