Saturday, December 5, 2015

We will Persevere!

Run into a couple hitches, mostly the lack of a decent collision script. But we've still made good progress, I've just forgotten to display it here.

Until now, that is.
Did his eyes just move?

To note, this is an indevelopment preview, and should not at all be taken as an absolute guideline for the final product.

Gameplay Vlog, sorry that my voice is difficult to hear in parts.

Jake has composed a lot of tracks for it. I wouldn't want to embed them all, so here's just one.

But Biiiiiz??? What about the art!?

Hehe, well I was holding out on you because this art is so gorgeous people might have a chance to die for it.

That ofcourse means, an artist who isn't me has done it.

First, there's Esperia.
If looks could kill, she'd be the one to know about it.
~By Xiie. The art, not the quote.

Sprite so far.
So cute, yet so very evil.
~By Pjcr... yes the sprite, no not the quote. Gosh diddily darn!

What? You think I have more . . . ?

. . .

Heh . . .
You know what's going on here.

So alright, here's Pep.
"I am no simple agent of chaos! Look upon me, and you'll see the arbiter of anarchy itself!"
Again, by Xiie. The art, yeah-- you get the idea.

~By Pjcr.

I'm ecstatic about how well it's all coming together. These arts are all incredibly well done and true to character.

Now just to get the gameplay up to this level and beyond in the new engine.

Stay tuned! Comment, ask and receive. The Crazy Chimps are listening!

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